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About techniques, methodologies and frameworks

This site is not about specific techniques, methodologies or frameworks (they are covered extensively from many sources). It concentrates on shared approaches and ways of thinking. It is useful to know a bit about the various approaches though, as well as what they have in common.

  • Common methodologies - there are words you hae probably heard that are associated with Agile. There are various methods and frameworks. You can be agile without any of that. It is handly to be aware of some of these words though
  • Backlogs - the key to the enterprise - backlogs are a key component of any way of approaching agile. They are key to planning, progress, resource management and many other things
  • Just In Time thinking - agile is (in principle) diametrically opposed to an approach of capturing requiremets, writing specifications, building, testing and delivering some solution as a sequential process. Thinking, designing and planning 'just enough' ahead is key to adding value
  • Management by exception - a very important technique for agile, though rarely discussed by name in the agile literature. It is about effective ways to devolve decision-making and responsibility. This helps us reduce the overheads of hiearchical thinking and create a leaner and more effetive way of working
  • Tools to support agility - it could be a whiteboard, sticky notes on a wall or electronic tools (such as Jirar, Kanbanize or ADO). Whatever you use, making the tool work for you at all levels of work is an important part of getting the true value from agile