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What is Agile?

Try to forget your pre-conceptions. Two things matter most:

Agile is a way of thinking about software development (and other things) which has some key features

Agile is:

In a dictionary, we find that Agile means things like: nimble, flexible, quick, dexterous, alert and active. The antonyms (opposites) are things like: slow, rigid, lethargic. This is very much where Agile software processes come from. They are a response to slow-moving, rigid and monolithic approaches to software development and problem solving. Software development from the 1950's until the 1980's was slow and complex. There were good reasons for this - expensive computers, slow machines, high design costs, the ease of making people adapt to computers instead of the other way round. But from the 1980's onwards many people realised the old world was changing and new ways to develop software were needed. This started with small groups and teams. It is only really since the start fo the 21st Century that large organisations have begun to realise the benefits and try to adopt Agile on scale.

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Agile is not:

There is no single right way to do Agile - but there are plenty of wrong ways. The right approach to Agile is for your teams and organisation to work with a coach who helps you evolve the Agile approach that is right for you. Over time you will need less and less support from the coach - so you can use online coaching - and some day you will not need a coach at all. A coach who remains permanently necessary for your team or organisation is not doing their job! A coach who dictates how you should work is not doing their job