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Why do Agile folk play games?

Because it's fun. There is no reason why work should be boring


No. Not really. Work should be fun, but well-designed Agile games are there for a reason. There are some bad and pointless Agile games, so do not just play games for the sake of it. Like everything in Agile it is important to understand the reasons why we do things so you can decide for yourself if they are relevant.

Here is an analogy. My dad has never seen the point of crosswords - you start with a grid that has no letters in it and end up with a grid full of letters. What's the point? The point is the change that happens in your head. Doing the crossword makes you think about words, structure, alternative meanings and so on. The point of a crossword is not in the grid of letters but in the way it makes you think about words.

A valuable Agile game has similar properties. It is designed to have a psychological effect on the team.